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Disabled Veteran. Blue Collar. Leader.

Jacob Walters is a disabled veteran who knows how to fight, and serve.
He has seen first hand the government at its best, while taking care of
disabled veterans. He has also seen the government fail to serve his
neighbors in the same way. This is why he is running. He is committed
to fighting to rebuild Missouri from the bottom up, and he will fight to
ensure that all Missourians are able to have a government that works for
them. He will fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, fight Right to Work,
and fight for racial, social, women's, gender, and economic equality for all.
A vote for Jacob Walters is a vote to take the fight to the establishement in
Jefferson City!
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Meet The Campaign Team
  1. Jacob Walters
    Candidate, Navy Veteran, and social justice advocate. He has a long history of volunteering, and serving his community and country. He cannot wait to get to work serving the people of the 85th district.
  2. Leah Walters
    Campaign Manager, and wife. She is a passionate environmentalist, and women's rights advocate. She will be instrumental in policy making when Jacob is elected.
  3. James Walters
    Director of Cuteness, and son. He is passionate about toys, and Sesame Street. The issues that face the 85th District keep him up at night. It might also be that he has not yet mastered sleeping through the night; the jury is still out.

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85th District
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